Necrotopia Online is an in-development online single and multiplayer text‐based RPG game based on Troll Hunter Gaming's Necrotopia – Darker Than Night guides. Step into a fast-pased adventure with your party, brace for the coming apocalypse and scour the rubble for survivors in the burned wastes of the world you knew.

For those of us missing the table‐top experience of executing our most outlandish ideas in‐game, the Game Maestro could be your new best friend. Equipped with tailored language processing, they will make this apocalypse accessible and exploitable, whether you chose to play alone or with your favorite group of vagabonds.

If you'd like to help support development, head over to our Kickstarter

Development Notes

– Discord integration test concluded
– Necrochat backend operating
– Maestro integration in testing

See the Mockup